Olives season in Tučepi, Makarska Riviera

Olive oil from Tučepi

The Luketina family produces organic extra virgin olive oil from hand-picked olives from our eco olive groves. The olive oil we get is a monosort from the traditional Dalmatian variety oblica.

In the past, olive growing was one of the most important agricultural branches in Tučepi and the Makarska Riviera. Some estimates are that there are about 35,000 olive trees in the Tucepi area.
Olive processing has in the past been done in animal-powered mills. In 1911, an oil cooperative was founded in Tučepi with the most modern olive processing machines available at the time.

In Tučepi center, on the waterfront in front of the building of the oil cooperative, there is a monument to a very important branch of the economy from which the people of Tučepi lived in the past – a stone mill for olives.
If you have the opportunity, try one of the best Croatian olive oils.